Going offline for a bit!

Hiya guys....I just wanted to tell you that I'm going offline for a little bit. Don't worry I won't be smoking but coming onto this forum every day kind of reminds me of smoking and sometimes when I read some posts I really want a cigarette. I'll be back in a couple of weeks, I just need a break. Thanks everyone for helping in my quit so far, beyond any doubt you are the reason I haven't had a cigarette. See you all soon and hopefully when I've got over whatever I've got to get over then I'll be a bit more useful to you.

Love Lisa xxx

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  • This was one of the reasons I had some time away Lisa.

    Use the time to egt your head around what is happening to you and to confirm your reasons for quitting.


    Be strong hunny and come back to us even stronger.

    Lillie xx

  • After reading this thread all I can think of is this song


  • you will be fine hun im sure i know what you mean though thats why i go quiet for days im still here and reading but dont reply or thread then its like reading a mag like take a break lol, i can then think oh i know how that feels bless or great that helps without actually doing anything.

    cant wait to see you and your funny posts back soon take your time and best of luck xx

  • woah tropical blast from the past id forgotten this song exsisted :) now its stuck in my head lol xx

  • Hey Lisa - I know just what you mean, I've been on here quite a lot less lately - for exactly the reason you state. I wasn't brave enough to come right out and say it though - good for you.

    I know you'll stick with with it, we all will - this an exclusively Octoberian 2011 thread and we're made of tough stuff!!

    .....AND we have excellent taste in music - in evidence I give you - Tropical's pick - and they're a BOSTIN BRUMMIE band:cool:

    let's all keep on...


  • I love that chewn Tropical. if that doesnt bring her back nowt will.. just let us know how your getting on Lisa when your ready..

    mash x :cool:

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