No Smoking Day
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Day 4 Mid Day

Hey again!

Sending my best to those who made it another day! Congrats!

Woke up this morning feeling a little off, I'm nauscious and my head hurts a little bit. I keep telling myself that smoking is NOT an option.

4 Days considering myself a non-smoker is great.

Before I stopped I thought I would have to lock myself in a room for a week to go through the withdrawals but I made it through work (waiter) just fine. Picking up the phone is kind of difficult, I seem to be rushing important people off the phone, and when I tell people I stopped non smokers are like "cool!(sarcastic), you shouldnt have smoked in the first place!" haha but they are very supportive.

Feels great waking up without my throat killing me from dryness and no energy.

I'm going to test my healing lungs out at the gym today!

Thanks everyone for the comments and others posting about what their going through. This forum is helping out tremendously. :) Good day..

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keep up the good work :)


Thank You!!

Everytime I eat I want to nap, its not a good thing...


Hey Geno...

Coming to the end of my day4 too... WTG you ;-) I know what you mean, your post echos my thoughts... I did a bit of reading on what to expect and having tried to stop before, well at least sort of tried to try to stop, I thought id have lock myself away, but this time feels different. I don't know if its because of this forum and going through the whole ordeal with others going through the same, or other factors, but like you I really want to succeed with this...

bought new gym stuff myself, but I'm not quite as eager, lol... Impressive... I was think about the new year, let me know how you get on if you do go :-)

I'm sure the patience and feeling to rush things will pass, keep at it... Doing good :-)


The support on this forum helps LOADS

We're all in it together...what a feeling..... :D


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