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temper but day 19

Hi all, i lost my temper wiith OH last night over him falling asleep in the chair while he was watching tv . It gets to me he been out of work a while now and just sits about its getting on my wick. But i do lose my temper quickly had a big rant at him im not one to let things go maybe i should have just ignored him. But i simply cannot do that. But i did not light up a fag so good news and well done to me i must say. Im just not in a good mood this morning wish i could have a husband that just didnt lay in bed til noon. I can see my life aint going to change. Bored. Com. Hate weekends sun is out and nought to do. Il have to go and get some lozengers shortly. Still at least i havent had a cig so thats an achievement. And to be quite honest i havent felt like even having one because that will not solve anything im thinking im on the 3rd week but feeling irritable and as we all know thats what the terrible threes do its not a craving that i feel though. Just down right emotional and looks could kill. I better not look for trouble when out getting me lozengers. Welll rant over. Sorry peeps. But i know you will understand how im feeling. Good luck everyone im looking forward to week 4. :) jacqui

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Hiya worries.

I have felt this way a long time now and especially since quitting the cigarettes. I just feel life is just coasting and we only get one crack it. I just feel our family could be doing more. I just think I can't fill the hole that is left behind when I used to have a cigarette and getting bored. Trouble is I've racked my brains with how I can fill these boredom gaps...all my mates always seem to be really busy doing interesting things, but I just fill mine cleaning. Saddo huh? That's what I think of myself. Trouble is I've never been able to make friends easily but like cigarettes I'll keep on trying. As for the OH lounging around until noon, I suppose he's just got himself into a rut as well which happens when you've been off work for a while...could you persuade him to do some volunteer work? He might enjoy it and you never know could end up in a job (I keep talking about this myself but never do it, so I know this bloody motivation lark is shite)!

Maybe we can think of things to do and tell each other about them. LOL! Right, today I'm putting up my christmas decorations.

Lisa x

P.S. Hope this message is clear, I seem to have a fuzzy head a lot lately. And a massive well done on day 19!


Hi Lisa, and thanks for your reply, Yes he did have a voluntary job, but that finished when he was taken on byu a company for work, but then that job only lasted 3 weeks, so he was back out of work again. We actually did voluntary together at a well known beauty spot Cannock chase known for its beautiful forestry commission, but I couldnt go anymore because I now have arthiritas in my shoulder, and could not really do much other than litter picking. I do voluntary work whith which I can cope with. Never mind i will just have to put up with him not doing much at home when im not their.

As for the quit I like making my own greeting cards, which I have been doing, but now getting a bit fed up with it. As done a few for xmas.

I hope the New year will bring him a job.

We put our christmas decks up yesterday so looking very festive.

Yes that would be good to let one another know what we have been doing to fill them Boring gaps Lisa.

Speak to you soon, and well done with your quit too.


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