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Day 2- id Day

Hey guys! I'm Anthony... I wrote a month ago that it was my last day then but took me a month after that to get done with day 1! I was tempted a few times yesterday, but kept remembering that I made it 12 hours and what would that death stick really do for me? It def would not help my confidence. Anyway, I have work in a few hours. Physically I feel fine, I just have to keep busy. The withdrawals haven't really hit me yet, but I am trying to stay positive about them. I serve tables so hopefully I won't be unsocialable.

With help, I am 6 months sober as well. I feel good, but want to feel better. I know there is a ton of help here and hopefully I can get through this so I can help another smoker become a non-smoker.

I'm 25, going to be kicking nicotine cold turkey and using allen carrs little book to get me through my cravings. Any feedback will truly be appreciated!!!!! Thanks!

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Good can do it....n we're all here to help :)



welcome Anthony , take it one hour, one day at atime. just say no to the first and you wont get drunk, same applies to smoking.

mash x:cool:


just got out of work.... no big time withdrawals..... I don't know if the majority are the pings are mental?

I feel a little tight in the chest. maybe tommorow will be the peak of the crappiness.

I feel great as a new non-smoker now though! and I'm thinking good things. My future will be bright and long without cig's.

Thanks all for the feedback. Day 3 tommorow!


Hello Anthony

Well done on 6 months sober and good luck with quitting; day 2 already......

Positive postings from you there! Keep going.

I shall look out for your posts.



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