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Im a big fat fibber!

I have a confession to make. I have been fibbing to my help2quit nurse:eek:

At first when I was getting the full amount of lozenges I wasnt using them all, I was stock piling them, like a squirrel with nuts.

I have 2 prescriptions in my purse that I still havent used, a new one from today and 5 tubs of lozenges in my medicine bag.

My help to quit nurse is now telling me I need to cut down. I have been, and am now down to 6 a day, she thinks Ive been on 8. I know it doesnt sound like much but I dont want her to stop prescribing for me. I want a to have them there in case I cant get down to zero by the end of the 3 months.

So I have got another 6 tubs today and have another 12 sitting on prescriptions in my purse. Am I really bad? Or can you empathise with why I have done this. Ive also stocked up on fishermans friend lozenges after reading how others have used them to support their quit. Im trying to replace the nicotine Lozenges with those.

I suppose I just need to boost my willpower and go for it, but if she prescribes me some more I know I will take the script from her :(

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Aha - yellow tongue is due to fibs!!!!

I didn't use my doctors or help2quit nurse??...from the comments on here they don't appear to be that helpful or useful - what are your thoughts?

I started on lozenges (2mg for a few days, then 1mg) and stopped them totally after 6 days (I read Allen Carr again) - i did however crave the lozenges for a few days. Cut down at your own rate - you will know if you've done too much too soon.

I am allergic to penecillin so every time I used to get prescribed some antibiotics, I'd save a few and stockpile them so I wouldn't have to visit the doctor if I got another chest infection!!! I swear if I had a broken toe, my doctor would blame it on smoking!!!

If you are getting prescriptions for free, then make the most of them (given, the state of the current government [sorry boo but boooooo!!!] prescription charges will go through the roof soon). You will be able to sell your excess on the black market (or on here!!!).

Anyways, you appear to doing great...see you in a few days in month 3 :D



Ive been off work pre and post op since July but because Im getting ssp I still have to pay for scripts. However 1 pack of 20 lozenges is 5.99 where Im getting 6 packs for £7 something.

I know I can cut them down I think I just want a safety net, what a cowardly custard am I lol.


Oh and after my moan about the yellow tongue I woke up this morning and it had gone! Maybe all the advice I was getting scared it into disappearing lol x


i did the same with my patches and inhalator i was on maternity leave and got it free i stock piled loads firstly cause i felt i may need them all longer than the course and it turned out i didnt need them so my patches i gave to two people who are on quits at the moment and my inhaltor and hundreds of cartridges i sent to someone on here who is still successfully quit

i know how you feel i just wanted a whole cupboard of back up nrt dont worry about it if at some point you dont need them give them to someone to help them thats wat i did


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