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It's ALL Good!

Feeling TOP of the world!, those month 3 cravings are no longer.

Yesterday No cravings and today no cravings, at this stage of the quit you kind of sense when you on a good or bad run, and I can feel this is going to be one of those awsome month's.

To all the quitters approching month 3 if the "terrible three's" do happen to affect you, soldier through the first week and then from there on it's not bad at all.

So in my book I have done :

Three hours DONE!

Three Days DONE!

Three Weeks DONE!

Three Months Nearly done! (Over the worst) *gulp* I hope. ***GRIN***

I suppose from here on my next major "terrible three's" hurdle is three years ?

Hold on chap dont get ahead of your self how about making the Penthouse first DAMN the steps are killing me!

Stay Strong!

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Well done Gary

You've got one more lot of 3s to go soon but this one is a lot easier!! ;)

3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours and 3 mins!!:D and that feels really great as it leads you nicely into month 4!! :D

Keep going.



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