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Day 7 & coping techniques

Hey peeps,

Gettin' to the end of day 7. I'm feelin' alright! I've taken up meditation (which i've been meaning to do for years anyway) and I've found it extremely helpful. I was and am finding it strange not smoking and I feel abit lost sometimes so learning to just still still and empty my mind really calms me down. I've also started reading alot more... in a way it has similar effects to meditation. I recommend them both :)

I hope you're all doing fine.



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lovely to hear you are doing so well, keep up the good work and positive posts well done you.

never quit quitting



Hiya Shabby,

Well done on hitting the end of the week - fantastic... I've not thought about meditation, but am gettign back into reading... trying to get to bed early to read a little before I sleep...

Good to hear you're feeling ok too - well done you :)


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