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More energy?

"They" all said that you get more energy when you quit.......

.................they bloody lied!

I'm 4 weeks and 1 day into my quit (I'm not counting or anything you understand), and I am more exhausted than I was before I quit.

I am sitting here barely able to keep my eyes open, I was yawning away at 3pm at work and could easily have fallen asleep.

Nothing else has changed - I do have to get up at 5.30 in the mornings but I've been doing that for ages.

What's wrong with me?!!!:(

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Marie i know exactly what you mean im tired im cranky and im a week ahead of you :(


however i do actually physically have more energy, my skin has tightened and cleared up, my teeth are white and i smell.............................well i can smell so thats gotta be good lol.

smoking supresses your appetite and sometimes if you eat more during your quit it can make you lethargic but also its a stimulant its make your heart race and increases your pulse amongst other things but sets a pattern (habit) for your body,its just your body adjusting to the new livlier you and that means you need to sleep and relax and also exercise more.

i'm not talking going for a jog!!!! im talking vacuum to music make it more fun walk to shop instead of taking car if poss anything that will give you that burst of energy that then leads to a good sleep.

trouble is i know this makes sense but im strugglingto get of butt cause its miserable weather and nicodemon is telling me "you dont want to get physical, you want to sit on your backside and eat more, which then means you have more time to think about how much your missing me and ergo nicodemon wins!!!!

I SAY NO we can do this lets find things to take our minds off this and to use our newer lungs and walk in fresh air (works best to relieve your for frick sakes moments as you POWER walk lol) and tire ourselves out until sleep is normal.

cummon Marie your quit needs you and we all need each other ;)

never quit quitting



I'm not remotely thinking of smoking again - I'm just quite sick of feeling so poop!!! lol

I was so looking forward to feeling great, and it just hasn't happened so far!:rolleyes:


thats exactly how ive felt in fact i think one of my quotes went along the lines of "this is so freaking unfair surely it should be easier by now?"

i have read other posts and it does look like it will get easier and im suing them if they telling porkies! lol

keep going hope you get a good nights sleep and we feel less tired soon (think my constant tearfulness hasnt helped tired eyes)

never quit quitting

sweet dreams



Too many fishermans friends makes you sleepy :(


You guys should click on a link posted by lillie in our October 2011's a bit back in our group history but it may make sense.

Sorry for being cryptic I'd just click on the link



oh bugrit, it was so far back I thought you wouldn't find it.


Thats just how i was in the first month but recently when i go for a walk iv got a spring in my step and am ading a bit more to them everyday. get yourself a simple excercise routine and do it youll soon see the difference.

Mash x



I went through that phase. I was spaced out now after 3 months I more anxious than a young lad. I would like to be somewhere in between. My dad had a saying that he could thread a sewing machine while it was running.


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