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Lack of cravings??

Have realised today that for a while now I haven't been having smoking thoughts after eating. Looking back now I haven't had any for ages, quite an achievement for me as the after meal thoughts were the strongest and most persistent. In the early days of my quit I was desperate to know when my brain would stop rattling on about smoking and surprisingly it's happened without me even noticing. I just get maybe once or twice a day a knotty feeling in my stomach, but it soon passes. It's still not easy, I still feel that "missing something" feeling, but it's easier to dismiss. I'm hoping that this Christmas I can enjoy all the usual festivities without constantly being rude by popping outside, then coming back in stinking and everyone tutting in disgust. I hope that one particular relative of mine is now stuck for words as he can no longer keep saying "you should give that up you know, it's no good for you" More than anything I hope to sit with my daughter when santa has been, and watch her open ALL the presents in one sitting without needing to run off for nicotine. Christmas is the season of hope, and I have a lot of that at the moment :)

Sorry to mention the festive season so early guys :eek: I know some of you will groan at me, but it's my next goal so figures a lot in my thinking :o


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We are about the same lenght of time quit and I can totally relate to your thoughts.

One thing I find though is that new situations still grab the old smoking routine and pulls it back to the front of my mind...arghhhh. Yesterday we were at the shopping lark and I kept wanting to get off side, probably I didn't like the shopping, but I KNOW I wanted to go for a smoke (that's what I would have done in the past). It didn't create a BIG problem, but it would have solved 2 problems ...a break from the shops :), and a smoke to ....... not sure what the smoke would have done !!!. :confused:

At this stage of the quit these "craves by association" seem to take me by surprise, I'm not ready when the come.



I know what you mean Pip. Seems that lots of "trigger points" are drifting away.

At the mention of the festive season, I was actually at the company Christmas party last night (they're always early over here), and when I was waiting for a cab outside reception, all the smokers were gathered (including the p1ssed people who never normally smoke but just join in at the end of the night). I honestly didn't feel any temptation to just have one little puff, even though I was onto several beers and a few shots at that point! This time last year, there's no way I could have avoided that trap!



thats the mindset you get to but someone telling you will reach it will just make you think not me im never going to stop thinking about smoking again and as you say Pip you didnt even notice that you had stopped craving them i bet that was scary for you i know the first time when i noticed that i hadnt craved a ciggy mine was when i was on the phone i would always roll a ciggie before making a call and found it difficult to start with used an empty inhaler then progressed to a pen to doodle with not put in my mouth i wanted to stop that habit and then suddenly i realised that i didnt need to even hold a pen now i can multi task while on the phone :D

you will still get cravings when you do certain things but they will get easier and weaker

again well done

as to mentioning the xmas period way to early :p i will let you of :rolleyes: this time



Grumpie the shopping trips are tricky for men, my OH had the same feelings last week lol, he would normally break the monotony with a smoke outside the shopping centre! We managed though, never bothered me so much but I was too interested in the shopping I think ;)

You're right about the sudden triggers though, had one after the hairdressers yesterday, haven't been for six weeks so only my second "non smoking" attendance and it did hit me just as I was paying up. Went to chemist next door for inhilator cartridges and got accosted by the non smoking clinic lady who bombarded me with platitudes and well dones :D thought gone !

Barney, well done for coping with the xmas party, I am avoiding them this year, not because of smoking but I just didn't want it all after the year I've had, I'm just having a complete rest this year. Well done you though, for me it's got to rank as the utmost worst horror trigger scenario....really glad I don't have to face it to be honest, I am so pleased to see everyone else coping it gives me a modicum of hope that by next year I will also be okay!


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