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Its day 9 for me

So ive woken up to day 9 and im having big cravings, well are they cravings or are they just thoughts. My other half has left his cigarettes on the side and a half smoked one in the ashtray and they are looking at me. Now i dont want to smoke and I know I want to quit but those thoughts in ya head just drive me mad. I dont want to have them thoughts anymore :( I know i cannot expect miracles and its my own fault for smoking all those years but please dont let today be a miserable one. I only get the weekend with my husband and so dont want to ruin it.

Honestly are these thoughts going to be there forever :eek:

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Hey Moony, the mornings are the hardest time I find. Stick with it, things do get easier. Yesterday something amqzing happened to me. Half an hour after getting up I suddenly realised I hadn't thought about fags up until that point. The idea of going first thirty mins of the day wiyhout thinking about ciggies would have been inconcievabke just a week or so ago.




Hi Moony

you doing brilliant. I can promise you, it will get better. It will take a little while but every day you get through, it will get easier .

You can do it :D


Yo Moony...YOU CAN DO THIS.......come on now us N.O.P.E'rs are in this together......

Michelle :)


You are doing so well and I have to say it must be so difficult to quit when living with a smoker. At least when I made the decision to quit I could throw out all lighters, ashtrays etc. so there was nothing in the house to tempt me. Congratulations on being so strong and keep it up:D


I have 4 boys and 3 of them smoke plus my husband but i must say he is good and only smokes about 5 in the evening and no one smokes in the house, we never have.

Definatly been a harder day today but getting through it. We are out tonight with friends who smoke but i am sure i will manage it.

N.O.P.E :D I will do thinks


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