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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 - on my second attempt

Well i'm now on day 2 again after stopping for 2yrs and 4 months, i started again after entering the country back in april.

Have been very disappointed with myself for starting again but after a nasty bout of bronchitis, i've decided that this is the final straw and time to stop for good.

So day 2 - completely forgot how i felt the last time i did this (gave up in feb '09, started in may '11), NRT patches have made me feel fairly weird and dizzy (even tho i'm only on 10mg - 16hour ones). I have two weeks of these and then will probably step down to 5mg, and then hopefully off by the 8 week mark.

Going to be difficult, i have two stag weekends coming up and the anniversary of my friends death on the 24th of dec - plus my mates have started taking bets on how long i will last.......

So we shall see....i'll keep you all posted on how it goes.


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welcome Bryon:) to the forum

you will find as much support that you need from all that are on this site and if you join the November group NOPE they will all be in the first stages and will give you even more support as they are going through the same stages

just click on quick links next to log of scroll down to social groups and they wilbe listed

btw Well done on quitting :D and dont let what happen in the past effect this quit its easy to go down that road of what ifs etc but its done and dusted so this time just take each craving as it comes and remember to keep hands and mind busy till it passes which it will and they will get easier

dizzy spells can be a side effect of the patches but they will pass

onwards and upwards




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