No Smoking Day
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Its me again

Day 7 :D coming to the end of my 1st week and am feeling postive. The first thought when i woke this morning wasnt smoking.... Yayyy

Told some of my customers in the pub last night that i was on day 6 and they all encouraged me apart from my boss who said that the first few weeks was easy it was months down the line that it got harder... what does he know standing there rolling another fag to join the 40 he had already smoked.

I will prove him wrong.

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Hey Moony, well done, first week is a great feeling!! Boss is only as you are leaving the sinking ship!! I've had that kind of response from a couple of "friends" who are still puffing away, carry on I say to them.....:D

If we keep posting and getting the positive support on here then if we struggle a few months down the line we've still got support.

Day 12 and getting closer to week 2!

Keep going!


your already in week 2 sara your nearly into week 3:D


Oooh yes, I think I meant nearly 2 weeks, blaming grey matter problems on the Champix :)


well done to both of you :) your sounding so positive which is always a big bonus and to anyone giving you negative remarks that smoke just say well at least i dont smell :p

everyone has different phases where the cravings are stronger stress and upset are two of the worse you just have to remember that the craving will pass and get easier

waking up not thinking of a ciggie is a good sign as well so again



Your boss is talking codswallop to compensate for the fact that he's still smoking.

Months down the line it does NOT get harder. It gets much, much easier.

People do fail months, and even years, into the quit - but it's not because the cravings are unbeatable - no cravings are unbeatable. It's because they get complacent, forget how hard the quit was, fail to understand their addiction and think that they can get away with 'just one'.

Keep reaffirming your reasons for quitting. Don't let the demons fool you into thinking that a fag would make anything better. Just keep on going, and you will see for yourself, it gets easier the longer you go on. You do always have to be on your mettle because the old addiction will find opportunities to leap out and bite you on the bum, but once you're settled in a quit a bad day is just that - a bad day among months and months of good ones.

Congratulations on making it to a week, you should be really proud!

H x


very well said H :)

i dont know about you but whenever that thought pops into my head:eek: i just come on here and read the threads from the first day and that brings back all the memories of when i was there :(

your mind certainly forgets the agonies of stopping and all that goes with it especially the withdrawel effects


Thanks :D

I can honestly say i haven't even thought about smoking today. You know that feeling when the craving just washes over you and you give out a sigh and take a couple of deep breaths............... well thats not happened at all today.

Feeling positive as i go into week 2. Ohh and Thank you for the support you have all given me. None of you know me yet there you all are to give me words of support.:)


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