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Day 9 :))

Hi to everyone mornings are getting so much easier in a routine i suppose. Been to do voluntary today but been feeling tired maybe its the winter months i dont know i do like being warm. Day 9 for me today feel ok about it not had any problems only that i feel tired when outside activities. And my OH is getting on my nerves because he is constantly coughing before a fag and after a fag. He wont give up with me ive asked him. I so worry about him he wont go and see the dr because he thinks nothing wrong. I have to do it alone and not forgetting you guys on here. Jacqui. PROUD MEMBER OF THE NOVEMBER NOT ONE PUFF EVER GROUP.

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WELL DONE yayyyyyyyy 9 days


Hi Jacqui I quit over 9 months ago and my Hubbie wouldn't said he wasn't ready, but guess what he packed in 5 weeks ago!:rolleyes: because he was fed up of me saying he stunk. He is doing really well much to my surprise much better than I was at 5 weeks no major craves just saying, could do with a fag. I know how hard it is when OH is still smoking but hang in there do it for you, I did it for me.

Take care. x



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