I did it!


I cant believe i've made it this far, before now a few days was all i could muster and occasionally a whole week before i found an excuse to push me into smoking again *tut's loudly whilst shaking head and rolling eyes*, how pathetic my attempts were.

until NOW tee hee 1 whole calendar month.

good luck all on your quits

never quit quitting


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  • Well done Jenni for moving up to 'month 2'. It's a great feeling when you can add 'month' into the equation as well as weeks and days :D

  • Hey Jenni that's fantastic. Well done and welcome to month 2 - it feels good doesn't it?


  • Well done Jenni, that's a great achievement to reach 1 whole month.

    You should be really proud of yourself :)

  • Fantastic Jenni. Must feel good to be onto your second month. You're proof to other people who are finding it hard that it can be done with some effort. Keep it up Jenni. David


    thats great to hear Jenni and your sounding so positive which is always a big plus :D

    onwards and upwards is the way to go


  • A huge WELL DONE Jenni - welcome to 2 months! You should be feeling really proud of yourself today!

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