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its getting harder


Day 6 today and it seems harder now then it did them first couple of days. I get up craving and i went to bed craving. Feeling right figgety:mad:

Had a full night of dreams last night which i havent been worried about but last nights ones were horrible. I actually woke up saying I need to smoke:(

Dont worry im not going too i will plug on with this but FGS when is it going to start to feel a bit easier. Had a right bad couple of days and its getting me down now.

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Hiya Moony. Just keep struggling on for as long as it takes, it is harder for some than others, but, we will all tell you how much it's worth it in the end. Even if you did think you needed to smoke you didn't did you. Good for you getting through these hard times. You will feel better, don't know when but you'll know. Won't be long and it will be a full week. Well done. David

Keep up the good work, it is'nt easy but with the help of this forum you will find it helps.

i before have never got past a few days and on a couple of occasions a week and yet look at me now 1 month quit and this is thanks to the wonderful people on this forum.

good luck

never quit quitting


I know it's easy to say but it really will get easier. Keep as busy as you can and stay focused. Spend as much time as you can on here, I found it very helpful earlier on in my quit to look at both old and new posts on here.

It will get easier Moony, you will get to a point where you have more good days than bad, and eventually most days will be all good and you will look back and think thank god I stuck it out.

Just hang on in there, it will all get much better :)

Just to echo what everyone else is saying, Moony, the first few days are always hairy. The dream thing is normal too; the important thing is to remember that dreams don't actually *mean* anything, especially not the bad ones (Freud was deluded, but that's an argument for a different forum). I got over mine by keeping a dream journal - nothing kills a nightmare better than looking at it in the harsh light of day. After a few days, the nicotine receptors in your brain will realise that they can't get their fix by throwing a tantrum, and the nightmares will stop.

Thanks for the support. Been out for coffee and cake with a friend so have been busy this morning and i am feeling ok. Onwards and upwards:)

I found the first week to be hardest and then it got easier until the other day (Day 27) and I had a wobble. I didn't have a cigarette in the end, I couldn't spoil all I'd achieved. Today is a new day and feeling much better. Thanks for your support, not long until you have finished a week and hopefully it will be better for you.

Lisa x

Thank you all for the support you have given me today. Finished another shift and another day smoke free.:D

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