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No Smoking Day
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how many ways shall i count the wobbles?

1, when i was at school everyone always sang jenni on a plate, jenni on a plate wibble wobble, wibble wobble jenni on a plate.

2, my big sis relayed 1, to my nieces and nephew and they continued the tradition.

no seriously lol i had another one yesterday and was not in the mood to share it then but will now as maybe it will help others.

*would just like to point out points 1&2 are true*:( lol

on saturday i was feeling very anxious and couldnt stop thinking about smoking so decided to clean inside of car out *almost never done what was i thinking?*

1 carrier bag of rubbish INCLUDING 1 DIRTY ASHTRAY i didnt smoke in car that was 19yr old daughter, 2 shopping bags of hoodies, gloves, colouring stuff etc??!! cleared boot too!

wiped leather seats, cleaned dash and glove box, hoovered well lets put it this way it looked awesome and was then to be my chill out place.

i asked the 11yr old son if he would wash outside for £2 he said "no you always complain i dont do it good enough" *whoops* i said " ask andy (my hubby) to help you then"

11yr runs through to lounge and says "andy mum says "if you help me wash her car we can have a quid each" pmsl

hubby agrees to help.

i curtain twitch sunday laughing at them soaking themselves and eachother more than the car...........however was too grumpy and tetchy to join in :(.

monday morning all set for my tardis of tranquility and............fecking battery dead!!! had to get colleague to pick me up outside a fecking petrol station which yes sold fags to get to work.

however i didnt enter petrol station, my car just needed battery charging and it was fabulous today to have a posh, clean pretty smelling car and OH YES A DRIVER TO MATCH!!!

good luck all calendar month tomorrow

never quit quitting

jenni x

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Wow can i borrow them to clean my car :p

your doing so well

:D onwards and upwards


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