No Smoking Day
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day 59

day 59 . just had to order some new atomizers cost me 23 pounds for 15 . good buy should last me at least six months. they were in a sale. of course i may be off the e cig by then. we shall see. they had 4 cartons left and i bought 3 of them . 5 to a packet. anyway enough of my rambling hope all are well and smoke free .back tomorrow for my last post then i am off to month 3 .

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well done for getting this far. I will pour you a drink in Month 3 and it will be waiting for you when you arrive:D:D


Well done! Au reviour for now - will be seeing you in a few days!


thanks for the replies

thanks for the replies made my mind up this time that i'm gonna stick it out through thick and thin. no more smoking for me . ever . filthy habit. anyway i'm off have a most excellent day.


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