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Here I am

Made it to month 3 :)

Had one of those awful dreams the other night. I had read about them on here but had yet to experience just how vivid the dream could be.

I decided to throw caution to the wind after a few drinks and smoked the night away.... :mad:

Woke up in a real lather. :( I think I could even taste it!! I really did experience how upset I would feel if I actually did blow my quit.

Spurred me on!!

Hope you're all happy, well and keeping on x

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Hi there and well done getting to Month 3 - it really is great in here:D:D


ha ha, im into week 4 now but ive had 3 of those dreams in the last week:D not so fun and guilt eats you up!


It's getting busy in this Month 3 room yipeee!!

Glad to see you found us okay JQ, and glad all is well for you :)


I had one of those dreams on Sunday night...weird...I was telling people I was doing well on day 51 of my stopping with a ciggie in my hand...and a pack of 10 in my pocket (can't remember last time I had a box of 10)...woke up gutted then relieved :o Was not friends with my brain on Monday Morning!!!


Welcome to month 3 room. It all seems to be getting easier( hope I'm not tempting fate !!!) .:)

Had 1 of them dreams a few weeks past, when i woke, feeling sure that I had smoked and my big problem was :- did I report to the forum or did I just stop logging on ????? .....took a few horrible minutes to work out that it was a dream. .:eek:


Yay, well done Jittery, good to see you in here!!!! I have had those dreams - and I have also had the real thing :o Anyway...I haven't had one of those dreams for a while now... in fact since I cut back on champix the nights have been pretty uneventful!


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