No Smoking Day
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Day 8 oh my im in the 2week slot

Hello this is looking good day 8. I reached for an extra strong mint instead of a loz this morning. Must be good. I cannot without a squeeze get into my jeans to tight. So put me casuals on slightly bigger round the waist. Off to see my bestest friend soon she gave up smoking 6yrs ago. But u know what i was at the dentist yesterday and this lady came and sat near me and phew she smelt like an ashtray. Anyway hope your all doing well.

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Great news - keep going.

I'm looking forward to going to the dentist, she always goes on at me about smoking (roll ups stain the teeth even more than normal fags). Lasttime I was there was early Oct - I told her I was stopping on October 21st and I could tell she was thinking "yeah right, of course you are:rolleyes:". I'll bloody show her



Thanks gtat. And yeah you tell her gtat. All the best.


well done on entering week 2 :D

Yukk how could anyone smoke on the way to the dentist.


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