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Day nine, it's sh**

This isn't getting easier. I've had around two hours of positive thought in the last nine days. I once quit for eight months and felt crap throughout. Starting to wonder if this my time, I certainly don't feel strong enough right now...

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hi woodpile

i found my first week the hardest infact the first month wasnt great but if u can drag yourself through it will get better i never thought i would see light at the end of the tunnel i thought my life was one big depressed, crying, wanting a fag and never feeling normal again life, but it turned out it was just a phase your brain is re-adjusting and getting used to its new lifestyle and its by no means easy but i swear on my kids lives it does get easier and better


I agree with boo...I'm on Day 26, it's getting easier for me too. Very slowly but certainly very surely.

Keep up giving up, if you don't see what the end of the months like you're never going to know if it would have got any easier for you. If you're like've now got to see for yourself LOL.

You're doing great.

Lisa x


Thing is - and I know it's a cliche to say it but, but boo is right, it will get easier.

I know it drags on - I caved in after 10 months once. But the right attitude will and does prevail - just look at the posts on this site from people who have done it.

Think about this - how much of a drag would it be not being able to climb a flight of stairs without being hooked up to an oxygen supply?

Have you got any kids? do you want to put them through watching what may happen to you if you carry on?

How will you feel if your kids start smoking??

Stick with it matey - we can all do this - there's strength in numbers



Welling up...

Thanks folks

Yep I have a very nearly eleven year old daughter. I asked her last night if I smelled different and she said no! (All my clothes have been washed since I stopped).

Interestingly, drinking, at home has been the only thing that's really helped take my mind off it all so far.

Can't be doing with the keep busy advice that even my lifelong best mate ( And former smoker) Has given me, all I want to do is sit about and re-read the complete works of Irvine Welsh at the moment so that's what I do when I'm not reading on here...

The other half is leaving the country for the best part of three days early tomorrow, and my daughter will be with her Mum, that's going to be tough tough tough.

Never been a big xmas fan so that's another hurdle. I expect I'll jump 'em all but can't shake the feeling of what if I get to a year or five or ten and still feel bereaved?

'kin nightmare!!!


Too right

You are so right una, addictive personality throughout. Had a many years long different smoking habit, got a job with random tests and just stopped. Easy. Not this time...

I lost my Dad 3 years ago to cancer (Not lung cancer) This is dare I even type it, almost as hard. Worst of all I know he would totally understand that.


Hi Woodpile - we're all in this together...

I'm struggling to find positive thoughts at the moment too. But we aren't going to find any in a packet of fags ... however much our Nicodemon is attempting to persuade us otherwise.

Chin up,

Keep posting,

Day 9 is a massive achievement.



keep going bud...I will be on day 9 tomorrow (well 11pm tonight!).

For me, the key in the early days has been to face up to everything that I normally would associate with smoking...but without the fag! That was my week 1 strategy so I'm hoping that week 2 should be easier.

I'm not using patches, completely cold turkey. But everybody is different. For the first couple of weeks, my advice is to do whatever you want as long as it stops you smoking. Keep coming on this forum as well, mates are a waste of time generally speaking when it comes to this. Because none of us know more than a handful (at most) of people who 'give a shit' and who will also actually be helpful! Whereas on here is very different. Day 10 will be easier mate, trust me!


You can do it....

Keep going I'm also on day 9.....take one minute at a time....cuz each minute gone takes you a step nearer that final goal....of bloomin actually getting through a day without thinking of those evil fags.....:eek:

I read loads of stuff, keep counting my saved money, re read blogs anything to keep me motivated....its tough but you can do it......:)



Firsly, I'd like to apologize for not posting on other peoples threads. Way too wrapped up in my own nightmare to do that. Day eleven now, other half away. Solo close to cracking today but didn't... Thanks people x


good stuff mate; keep riding it out!

I'm fine at the moment; planned a very busy weekend because my toughest days by far were last Friday evening and Saturday.

A funny story if anyone is into football. The biggest thing that causes me stress on a week to week basis is football. I have a season ticket at Northampton Town. We lost 7-2 at home last Saturday, our biggest home defeat since 1947. That didn't manage to make me crack so as far as Im concerned nothing will!


hi woodpile, the trick is not to see it as a sacrifice its just wanting something better than the drudgery of having to smoke day i day out year in and year out forever, your just giving up slavery and gaining fdreedom which can be pretty terrifying.

Mash x


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