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Happy Holidays

I went to a dinner at my mother's church for Thanks Giving. I felt so awkward being around new people. I never have told my mother I even smoked for 20 yrs lol. I had a hard time and don't think I will try that again. Anybody else having a hard time being around those kinds of situations in public or is it just me. I was kind of edgy and my mom tells me its her husband's birthday and I say how old are u 90. I was being a smartass I knew it but I couldn't stop my self. I've never liked him but I shouldn't have said that even if he irritating. I dont mean to ramble but just sharing.

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I know exactly how you mean blake38...the cravings haven't been at all bad for me until I get to situations where I have to drive somewhere new or meet new/awkward people. My mind goes crazy on wanting a cigarette, I suppose I must have used to light up a few cigarettes in stressful situations. I'm just hoping the more times I have to do this stuff the less I will associate it with smoking. I am dreading going to the in-laws this christmas, some members of my husbands family rile me up!!!! I will have to go for several "long walks" as an excuse. If anything it'll get me out of their presence before I pop and say something I'll regret or give in and have a cigarette. Maybe that's what you could do if you feel yourself being edgy, go to the restroom or something as a diversion.

To be honest though since I quit I have discovered that a lot of times I'd smoke to get myself out of stressful putting my head in the sand. People would use this to walk all over me I've noticed (especially at work). Now in a polite and non-emotional tone I tell people where I stand whereas before I'd be terrified that I would upset somebody. Lifes too short, other people say what they have to say to be happy, now I'm doing that too but not in an offensive way if you get what I mean (I guess it's called being assertive :) ). Anyway sorry for rambling and I hope amongst this answer I've been some help.

Hang on in there, you're doing great.

Lisa x


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