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Does skin improve?

I know I want to quit for so many reasons, bu the main one is my skin/face. I know this should not be the reason to quit as its pure vanity - but my skin is shocking and I have bags under my eyes at 27. My partner who is my age has never smoked and you can tell the difference. I know everyones "make up" is different but can anyone say if their skin noticably improved after giving up????

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Hi Carl,

I think most people find their skin improves greatly when you quit. No more grey skin as your circulation improves and the toxins are removed from your body. Just think of it as cleaning your body from the outside in!

Drink pleanty of water as well to help flush everything away and I am sure you will notice the improvement ;):D

Gaynor x

Thank you Gaynor - Its an everyday battle saying im giving up smoking, and tomorrow never comes!?

I have smoked for 13 years and its only recently I have caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror whilst driving and thought "my god look what this is doing to me"


Hi Carl yes it is scary :eek:what the smoke does to not just the inside of your body but the outside as well it dulls the skin and causes it to age more quickly and helps give you move wrinkles especially around the mouth

but i have to say that whey i first stopped i did suffer with spots for a while and everytime i looked into a mirror would see another one i thought i was going through the teenage years again :eek: mind you then i remembered that i was lucky i didnt really have spots back then lol

anyway the quit nurse said you can get spots but it does pass and it did and my skin is looking so much better now

drinking plenty of water is def a good thing as it helps pass the toxins through your body quicker

good luck

oh yes it improves for sure apparently i look ten years younger since quitting and when i say i have a twenty year old child it never fails to amaze people

so since quitting i am a 41 year old parading around as a 31 year old, cant be bad a definate bonus towards my quit along with many other bonuses

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Hi Im 41 now and just quitted a week ago. I noticed today that my cheeks look hollow and then didnt before will they go back too normal in a few weeks?

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Mine too. I look very chiseled in the face?? Has yours gotten better?


Welcome Kariq - how long have you stopped smoking? This post is over 7 years old and no longer active with the original poster no longer a member in the community along with majority of the replies. Perhaps, create a new introductory post and any concerns you have to get more responses and advice if you wish :)

No sadly becuz it depressed me so much I started smoking again just quit Sunday again. 😬😫 hope I stick too it. I actually hate smoking!!!

Thank you Gaynor - Its an everyday battle saying im giving up smoking, and tomorrow never comes!?


I know that feeling well Carl. Constantly thinking about quitting and what it may bring is far worse than the actual quit when you do take that leap, honestly.

I have lost count of the number of times I have got up on the morning of my quit day and sometimes only made it as far as going to the petrol station on the way to work. Sometimes I made it to mid-morning before cadging a fag. Another failed quit and another round of putting yourself under pressure by thinking of doing it again.

Make a decision on a date and DO it. For me that was the biggest hurdle, to even just get started. You will feel so good when when you do that it will help to ease that 1st day a little as you have at last started the journey ;)

Wishing you all the strength I can.

Gaynor x

Hi Carl

Just wanted to add that it's not just vanity, sometimes it's the damage smoking does externally which really shocks us into a quit. I know my eye bags and my purple legs were a shocker for me, although they weren't the only reasons or main reasons I wanted to quit, they were probably the ones that scared me most. Gaynor's post was very insightful, you can do it. Personally I found it helped me to see smoking as my enemy rather than my friend before I could start a decent quit, this time I have managed 9wks, previously I think a week or two was my quit record :eek: It is true that once you get the first few weeks under your belt you will find it easier than you imagine. Good luck :)


I can't see any difference - but then I never looked too closely before (too scared at what I'd see I think) but apparently I've lost a grey tinge I had before and - this makes me feel a bit ill - apparently the skin around my mouth used to have a yellow tinge to it which has gone now...yugh!:eek:

I remember when my mum gave up years ago - she was on about 60 to 80cigarettes a day! The improvement was incredible!

There is an oldish chap (well - he looks oldish) at my station who stands outside and smokes and he has grey hair, wears a grey suit - and his complexion is - you guessed it - grey! He's probably alot younger than he looks.

The outer shell is a very good indicator of what is happening inside!

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