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Day 21

Honestly, I never ever thought I would get this far.

Will be heading off in to Month 1 tomorrow.

Just popped around to a friends on my way back from riding this morning, and could tell that he wanted a ciggie, so told him to smoke and just do his normal thing.

Well, ha ha ha ha, he looked SO uncomfortable smoking in front of me. I was crying with laughter at him. He looked like you would smoking in front of your parents!

And best of all, I didn't want one.

Moving on up.......:D

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Well done Marie,

I am really plesed for you and am glad that your smoking frien filled you with mirth rather than longing. That's the way to do it ;)

I am only just ahead of you and feeling good about this quit. I didn't think it would make any diffgerence at all my OH quitting qith me but it so has. His relaxed laid back attitude about it all has rubbed off on me to a certain extent!

Wishing you well as you go into that first month, go girl :D

Gaynor x


Well done Marie

21 days ,what an achievement . Keep going your doing soooo well :D



Another positive post :D this is great to read so glad your doing so well :D


Brilliant Marie - well done! I've got a friend who refuses to smoke in front of me now (even though it's ok with me). I can just see her getting increasingly distracted and twitchy as the withdrawals kick in, and feel so glad that that's not me anymore. :)


Fantastic great to hear :D


Congratulations on your achievement Marie :D



Ohhh that made me laugh Marie....your poor friend, at least he thought about lighting up in front of you, very considerate.

Well done on 21 days, we're doing great and indeed moving on stop 28 days (can't wait).

xxxxx Lisax


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