Goodbye day 4 Hello day 5

Good morning all hope everyone is doing well in their quit. Staying focused and still headstrong. My hub didnt even know i had stopped smoking. He does now. He said how long for now then. For good this time i know that times will be hard but i intend to stick with it and suceed have i spelt that right looks weird to me. Anyway at least i dont pong of fags he does. Well thats his choice he says hes not ready to quit. I worry about him because his breathing and coughing is awful. I can only do what is right for me. Jacqui . A PROUD MEMBER OF THE NOPE GROUP. Motto: Live long and prosper.

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  • Jacqui

    I admire your strength. Well done getting through the first days, they are always the most difficult. :D

    Great comeback , I look forward seeing you posts. :p

  • Thankyou Dorset when weve been down this road before we kind of know whats coming. Been out today and survived didnt go to any pub just a christmas fayre. You seem to be doing well dorset. Have u had any hard times. Jacqui

  • Jacqui

    ok I guess..., thanks for asking, that is very kind of you. The support I had here , made it a lot easier in the beginning, but as you know, shit happens and I try to get through right now.

    I guess its a day at a time and eventuelly we get there. :D

    You are close to a week , we need to celebrate it :D


  • Hope your ok Dorset. Yes will be a week on monday gone quite quick really. How to celebrate well not to sure as i dont drink. Probably do some cake and biscuit baking or make some more xmas cards. And drink plenty of water as i know this is going to help me. Jacqui. PROUD MEMBER OF THE NOPE GROUP.

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