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One addiction for another?

I think I have become addicted to little tins of pitted green olives stuffed with pimento pepper. They are only about a quid but don't last as long as a packet of fags:eek:

I haven't go to the point where I cannot go to bed without knowing that there is a tin in the cupboard ready for the morning, but think it may get to that;)

Ho hum


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GTAT, you do make me chuckle :) Give us a shout if you feel a forum for your new addiction is needed ;)


They are not too bad an addiction but thats pretty pricy, go to one of the bigger supermarkets or and indian shop and buy the big jars they sell works out so much cheaper, remeber that they will also be more fattening than cigs, well done for quitting.



That so made me giggle :D

Just what I needed, too (giggles not olives, euggh)

So thanks for the therapy mate ;)



omg its not just me then lol olives and pickles for me lol, had 1 jar gherkins, 1 jar olives and 1 jar silverskin onions yest!!!!

bought grapes today but they not good enough lol.

good luck all never quit quitting



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