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6 or 7 months ?? stopped counting now

Hi all ! Thought I would pop in again ! I have not been on here for a while as I have been okay !!! Yes and stopped counting the days ,weeks and even months ! I stopped Easter Sunday with God's help ! I have been okay and just get a bit crabbit now and then - more so in the morning on waking but that was always my Achillies heel !! I have been using the Nic.gum though which I think is a bit like stopping via the back door! Anyway I will have to make an effort to come off these also as there are forums for people addicted to the gum as well ! Gosh what are we like !!! Anyway I smell great and so does my house . This forum was a life saver for me - 'It is good to talk ' !! x

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thats brill that you have gotton to a point that you cant remember how long its been:D

sorry to hear about the gum addiction though

and you didnt quit by the back door :eek:as both you and una have said dont put it down like that you have acheived so much in quitting and should be proud of yourself for doing something that alot are not able to do

so again well done


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