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day 55

day 55 . only five more days go here and i'm onto the next forum. ordered some more e liquid last night the price has gone up. still works out at less than ten pounds a bottle which lasts about nine or ten days . then there's the atomizers which work out as about a pound a week. so about 8 pounds a week. i don't use batteries i use a usb pass through which can be plugged into a computer or ac adapter and that will last pretty much forever. or as long as i need it. hey zoe i understand you are having a tough time of it things here are pretty tight also. i guess things will sort themselves out eventually. that's it for today sorry for rambling on about my e cigarette see you all tomorrow .

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Day 55:eek: thats great, wish i was on day 55 and not day 1:rolleyes:

Whats this e cig like, must be working.


the e cigarette

the e cigarette is pretty good although it is not the same as smoking a cigarette. there is still a certain amount of withdrawal from smoking but the longer you use it the easier it gets. i would say it is easier than the gum or sweets. i think a decent kit costs about twenty five pounds then its a matter of e liquid and atomizers and the occasional battery if you take that route. it would pay for itself in a couple of weeks. it seems to be working for me so far .


How long do you use the e-cig for?

Sounds fantastic that you managed almost 2 whole months now.. Keep it up!


weaning off e cigarette

i don't know how long it'll take but i intend to start reducing the nicotine strength when i get to three months.then over the next three months reduce it to 0 nicotine . so about six months.


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