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Hi All,

Well this morning I woke up on day 8 smoke free, and for some silly reason I decided to smoke. So tomorrow I'm back to day 1. So wish I didn't light up today. Throughout my quit I thought I was missing out not smoking, but today I did and it was anything but enjoyable. I've now got a horrid taste in my mouth, headache and sore throat. Silly, silly me!!!! So hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and not put one of those stinking sticks in my mouth.

For the past eight days I've been reading all your posts and it was really helpful, but this time I'm going to post throughout and hopefully that makes more of a difference.

Goodluck to all on giving up, but in reality we are not giving up anything, we are gaining a hell of a lot, health, money, youthful looks, white teeth, the knowledge that we have the self control to fight a filthy addiction, and plenty plenty more.

Sorry about the rant, just need to psch myself up a little.


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  • Hi Vic Keep quitting :D

  • Hi Vic,

    Please don't beat yourself up, it is well known that not many peeps quit on their first attempt, and I should know :(

    Take good care of yourself,

    Zoe xxxx

  • well done

    wtg for staying positive and realising that it wasnt great and that now you know you are ready to give up.

    its not easy but this site helps hugely, every time you think about the nicodemon winning cause she is a sneaky b!"£h re-read this post and repeat your mantra YOU ARE NOT MISSING SOMETHING YOU ARE GAINING LOTS OF SOMETHINGS.

    keep going


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