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Mines a large Shiraz....1 YEAR!!

Hi all,

Its ages since i've been on this site but i'm am actually over the moon to pop back in to claim my drink and my seat in the penthouse. On the 13th November at 11.30pm, it was exactly one year since i took my last ever drag of a cigerette. I never EVER thought i'd get here but i am so proud that i made it :)

Reading back over some of my early posts makes me remember just how hard quitting was (and still is at times) and it makes me more determined every day to stay away from cigerettes for the rest of my life. I have been very tempted throughout the year but have always managed to win to fight in my head by remembering why i quit and how i felt just before i decided to (i was very ill and was having chest palpitations and lung ache and heart pains. i was 27 at the time.)

For all those that quit around the same time as me and have made it, WELL DONE!!!!! And for those just starting out this site was a huge help for me in the first 3 months, i wouldn't have done it without these forums (read some of my early posts to see how ranty a got when i was craving!)

Good luck all and here's to many more years of smoke free life *raises glass and spills wine everywhere in excitment*

Jen xxxx

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so good to see you up here in the penthouse its an amazing experience realising that a whole 12 months have passed since you stuck a yukky stinking smelly stick in your mouth and couldnt imagine life without it :eek: wtf were we thinking of but so good to see you up here :D


He he thanks mate! Its crazy as i never ever thoguht in a million trillion years i'd make it, but here i am! In fact, here we are so


I agree, what on earth were we ever thinking! The only side affect i have is an unhealthy addition to perfume, as i can now smell it again, but surely thats no bad thing!!


its scary really with the whole mindset of smoking and i didnt think i would last the course but coming on here and having the support of all the wonderful people on here certainly helped as did my grandson who was and still is proud of me :) plus my new grandson who has never had a smelly nanny

as to the purfume addiction :rolleyes:its got to be more healthy for you mind you !!!!!! hope your not going around running up to someone who smells nice just to get a closer whiff :p ;)


Well done Jen

Another NAS member reaching the 1 year milestone.

Huge congrats.....onwards and upwards to next year.



Wonderful news Jen - lovely to see you back and MAHOOSIVE congratulations to you, you made the penthouse. How completely cool is that?

Sometimes when people stop posting you kind of think they've fallen off the wagon and quietly disappeared (well, it does happen!) so it's lovely when people like you materialise and show us all that it can be done.

give it a few weeks or so, and I'll be joining you. So wipe that shiraz off the barstool please, I don't want a wet bum!

Congratulations again :D

Helen x


Many, many congratulations and celebrations Jen :D

I love reading about people reaching the penthouse, it is so encouraging to all us newbies and gives us the hope we need ;)

Make it a VERY large Shiraz, you deserve it!!

And don't worry about the perfume addiction, a large bottle of Chanel No 5 is called for here :p

Well done you!!

Zoe xxxx


Way to go, Jen!!!

Great to see another "quitter" entering the penthouse! Party, party :)


Hey Jen, what a fantastic achievement. Well bloody done! I'm starting my Day 1 yet again and I'm going to take your advice and use this forum to help keep me on track. Hopefully I will crack it and this attempt will be my last. I would do anything to be where you are now. Congratulations on your tremendous efforts!


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