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1 Week Today

Hi all!!

Today is 1 week since I had my last ciggie!! Can't believe it!!

I'm very moody! My black horse is always ready for me to get on his back!!!! Hopefully this moodyness will go away soon!! My poor baby gets all the shots!! I feel really bad because he's supporting all the way! I asked him to rather smoke outside and he have no problem with that!!

Once again thanx to all for all the support! Keep strong!

Ps. Thanx to Done for reminding me that its 1 week today!! Thanx sis! Love ya!!

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1 Week and counting. Well done sis you can do it. Refgarding to the moods, take a deep breath and relax or get up walk around not thinking about why you upset and that should help. O ja and that black horse sent him to the stables. LOL

You are doing great.

Luv u



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