Shift up Domo66

Make space for one more - one year today without a single, solitary puff!

Seems like only yesterday I stubbed the last one out and swore off the evil weed.

Hasn't been too difficult a journey, to be honest, and I seldom think about fags any more - only occasionally in a 'I used to smoke when I did this ,..." kind of way.

Thanks to all the encouragement from everyone on the forum.


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  • My Pleasure

    Luckydog, I'll gladly move over. In the penthouse we always have room for one more.

    Congratulations and a huge well done!


  • COngratulations luck involved in your quit though. Well done and enjoy the penthouse.

    I hope you'll hang around after going into the penthouse, a lot of penthouse card holders disappear of the face of the earth ;)

    Thanks for posting, makes the penthouse seemm obtainable to us 1 monthers!

    Lisa x


    its great to have you join us hope you enjoy the view :D

    def think we need more rooms and add a spa on the terrace as well as another bar :p

  • Huge Congrats Luckydog

    Feels good doesn't it?

  • Congratulations Luckydog! A great achievement. Here's to many more years of enjoying the view from up there.

    Helen x

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