No Smoking Day
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Woo hoo!

9:30pm...start of day 28...4 whole weeks :)

Cravings over the last week have only been minimal; thank goodness! I feel I am able to now control them - was at work (a late one, only just got home) and it really wasn't going my way...The Devil side thought, 'it's times like this that I could do with a fag'...The new me said, 'don't be daft, I don't smoke. How else can I deal with this?'

Success!!!! :)

Thanks everyone for all of your support through the last 4 weeks - whether you have responded to any of my posts or if you have started a thread/posted about your own journey for me to read...your help has been great!

I love being a non-smoker!

Donna x

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Movin' on Up...

Hey DM - you and me both - good for us:D I can put the baseball bat away:p

It gets better & better my quit counter has clocked >1000 fags not smoked for me today - that's got to be a good thaaaang:cool:



It's a great feeling, eh?! Pat on the back for both of us :)

GTAT less 1000 fags - that's impressive!!!!



it is a wonderful feeling to see how far you have come and how many ciggies you havent smoked but have you worked out how much money you have saved and what you going to treat yourself with that lovely money

i wilbe looking out for you when you hit the month 2 and 3 and before you know it 6 months have passed :)


Time for a song?

Moving on up

Moving on out

Time to break free

Noooothing can stop me!

Well done, you! Keep going!

Helen x


COngrats DangerMouse. You've helped me so much on my quit by reading your posts too. So thanks and I'm gonna raise my glass to your month, well done.:D

Lisa x


Thanks all, and loving the song Helen - made me smile :)


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