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Good scary

Hi everyone,

I have just worked out, thanks to a couple of quit meters how much my OH and I have saved not smoking for the last 20 odd days. That was scary but the amount we would have smoked between us is even scarier.




All that is brilliant but the positive effect on our health is just .................priceless ;):D

G xx

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Well done Gaynor!

Im day 19 with OH stopping so practically the same as you although we smoked less a day (approx 12-15) but good to know roughly how much we'd have saved:D xx


Wow Well Done to you both.


sorry if I'm being a complete thickie but does


mean 140.62 cigarettes costing £453.23? Or 452.23 fags costing £140.62? Sorry, I'm very tired. Probably a really dumb question.

Either way (or neither way) it's pretty clear that you and the OH are doing great. So HOORAY for you, Gaynor!

Keep on keeping on :D

Helen x


Hiya Helen,

Thanks for the hooray ;)

Your not being thick, it didn't copy and paste very well and I was tooooooooo tired to sort it out lol. It meant £140.62 - not smoked 453 death sticks over 23 days ;)

G xx


Thanks Karri, you know, just for once I am feeling proud of myself and even more of my OH. He is doing so brilliantly and is making it much easier for me as well. There are NO reminders around anymore :D

Well done andiebaby to you and your OH as well.

Thanks Moony :D

I was looking at holiday destinations today in a supplement and thinking we can never afford a holiday these days. Not had one for a few years. Then I though, hang on a mo. Come what may we would have found probably £400 to £500 a month for fags so that holiday is technically not out of reach at all.

Maybe next year ;)

G xx


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