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No Smoking Day
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Day 8

Well i have reached day 8,after day 7 i never thought i would get here.Yesterday was by far the hardest day i have had,no matter what i did i could not get rid of the cravings.The patches don't seem to be doing anything,i often wonder if they are just clear sheets of plastic.I was out in town yesterday and came so close to buying my normal 20,but instead i went into boots and bought lozenges and at last they took the edge off things.Today i have been up out of bed for 4 hrs and not bothered to put the patch on,i feel ok, infact better than yesterday so i dont know if i should just stick to lozenges if and when i need them,or put the patch on.

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Hi Freddie!

Well done on getting to 8 days.

Same here, day 7 for me was a shocker! Day 8 and each day thereafter has been much better.

Keep going xx


well done on getting this far :) your doing really good :D just remember to take each craving as it comes along and keep hands and mind busy till it passes

btw if the losengers are helping you more then the patches then carry on taking them




First of all i would like to thank everyone for the support they have given me.

Well here i am day 10 and doing very well,(hope i'm not speaking to soon)but after my bad day 7 everything seems a lot easier,i left the patch off on day 8 and 9 because i don't think they done anything for me,i used 3 mini lozenges on day 8 and only 1 lozenge on day 9.I still get the odd craving but it dosen't seem to last very long,and i have found chewing spearmint gum helps.I still find myself saying i'll do such a thing then i'll have a ciggie,then this odd feeling as i say YOU DON'T SMOKE then i seem to forget all about it until the next time.Well thats enough of me rambling on, i'll keep you up to date with how i'm getting on.


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