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No Smoking Day
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On day 4 now chaps

Well I've got this far! I went out last night which was a massive test for me at this early stage. I did not smoke once!

I even had a few drinks. So that's a hurdle. I've been having a really runny nose and my eyes have been streaming- is this a side effect or am I just getting a cold?! Are there any other side effects and what can I expect of day four?


Smoking for 8years - first time to quit cold turkey since 13/11/11 @ 7pm

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glad to see you managed not to smoke when you went out and getting to day 4 is brill :D so WELL DONE YOU

you will get afew withdrawel probs which can be anything from cold like symptons mind you given the amount of bugs around it could be one of those you might also have nights where you cant sleep and have scary mood swings which as long as you breathe through and tell everyone who is close to you that if you snap or shout its just the withdrawel of not smoking and they will stop (when i snapped at my daughter she gave me a horrified look and for a while she thought an alien had invaded my body :eek:)

just remember when you feel a craving coming on keep your hands and mind busy till it passes and it will




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