Day 16 - Hmmm

Evening All!

So onto Day 16, what can I say - well firstly, dead chuffed with this! Over 2 weeks done.

The craves seems to have gone albliet some nasty little ones every now and then (if fact I threw my mouse - of the computer variety - on the floor earlier in the midst of a crave) but overall - they really are less frequent and less intense.

Thinking about smoking is reducing too - I would say that I have though about it maybe 4 times today - compared to a week ago when it felt like ALL the time.

So - have I cracked it - not on your nelly - I know I still have triggers to overcome and as soon as you get complacent - you are asking for trouble....but I think that I am on a good path!

That all folks - hope everyone else is good and thanks for reading!

4 Replies

  • Well done Chris...I'm feeling the same. We're doing good ain't we :D

    So proud of us all.

    Lisa x

  • Well done indeed, in same position but probably a week behind you, off the patches now so starting to get weird, i think a pure cold turkey quit is the way to go to get the oddness over and done with early on.

  • Well done , all of you!!!

    The good news, is that at the 6 week mark you realise that you havnt thought of smoking for days at a time.

    Hang in there guys!!! it gets easer evry day!!

  • LOL Gary,

    Hang in there guys!!! it gets easer evry day!!

    Wish I could feel like that :(

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