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I need help

arrrrrrrgh...... HELP

I'm currently doing a degree and am in the process of writing an essay, but everything have learned over the past 3 years has disappeared and my brain is now full ideas of wanting to smoke!! I'm on day 31, still chewing the NRT gum and hell I feel terrible!!

I'm panicking about the essay and very seriously tempted to light up to see if this helps calm me down!!!

Any suggestions please guys???

Jo Jo :confused:

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dont give up giving up! you have come so far, having a fag now will only make you feel worse and wont help with concentration.

hope you managed to get over this wobble.



Maybe this is the time you write an essay without smoking. could it be that your looking for an excuse not to do it YET, just my opinion, iv got the t shirt . give yourself an hour to do as much as you can on your essay without smoking. hope this is helpful.

mash x


As with all big tasks, break them down into manageable chunks and try one chunk at a time :)



31 Day's is much to long and hard work to just throw away like that. Sure you are under pressure but I am sure that you got here (day 31) while studying and being under pressure without smoking and if you think about it you only starded craving recently because you think you need a smoke which you dont. There now that makes a lot of sense lol

You dont need to smoke what you need is a break from studying go on take a break have a nice long walk smell the air and feel the light breeze on your skin.

Good luck with your studies and with your quit. I know you can do it


Gee guys thanks!!

Managed to string together a few words without lighting up and I know you're all right in what you are saying.

Onwards and upwards

Thanks again

Jo x


I just did an interview without ciggarettes for the first time. Normally i would be chain smoking. It gives me hope i'll be able to cope without cigarettes when completing my dissertation this year


well done jo knew you could do it and wtg tropical keep it up x


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