9 months

Yes 9 months {no not pregnant} it's gone quicker than being pregnant!

Can you believe it thats when I stopped those stinkie horrible cigs! I wouldn't go back now if you paid me {well hopfully not}

Thanks to everyone here could never have done it without you lot, and a lot of determination, oh, and Allen Carr!

Don't forget guys if I can do it anyone can!!!!!!!!!

Maria x:D

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  • Well done Maria,

    Can't believe it's been 9 months already :eek:

    Huge hugs for you.

    G x

  • Maria


    well done ! I am no where near 9 month :p

  • Great, good for you Betty, nice hear success stories, I need some encouragement today


  • Thankyou all you are all great.

    Maria. x

  • Well done!!!

    :) Well Done Maria on the 9 months.Its The Best Thing You Could Have Done!!!!

    I'm some way behind you but NO INCLINATION to start smoking again.

    Best Wishes Douglas.

  • Thankyou Douglas!! your not that far behind.

    Maria. x

  • Congratulations Maria.

    All the best for the next 3 months.

    Jacqui x

    Live long and Prosper


    Last Cig: 14/11/11

    Lozenger & Alan Carr.

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