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Not funny

Hi all

Today must have been the weirdest day every. I got up this morning not having to worry about cleaning the house or anything cause i did all of that yesterday all that needed to be done was to do the dishes from last nights dinner. The idea for this was so that today i could sit back and relax reading a book. I did get to read my book but cravings stated to come up one after the other. I know this is because i use to smoke while reading a good book but it got so bad that i could not read my book.

Now i am sitting looking at this book thinking ok if i pick it up to read i will crave again and who's going to stop me if i do give in to it. (cravings) My hubby still smoke so it is available but 21 days is a long time to just throw away like this. Ok deep breath, tall glass of water and here we go, wish me luck.

Staying stong and motivated


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Don't give in Done. Are you sitting inthe same chair you usually sit in to read?

May be try sitting in a different spot to usual, that's what I have to do when I sit and do my crossword, it helps me - avoiding triggers I guess.



That's a good tip from GTAT - I have to do things in a different room, let alone a different chair! I decided to try and avoid doing some of the things which I'd previously associated with a cigarette but soon realised that was pretty much everything! So it's a case of breaking the association as much as possible by changing the routine. That said, I've read a lot on here about the Terrible Threes - 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months ... and see you are on 3 weeks exactly, which may be playing a big part in how you're feeling today.

Stay strong -



Please don't cave in Done, you know how bad I felt when I did :( And Sue is right, you have got the terrible 3s. My 3rd Week was awful, but Week 4 was great :D So hang on for that one instead. Try long walks, they are a great way to help with cravings, and the extra excercise entitles you to chocolate ;)



Hi Sis

Well the only advice I can give you is to STOP READING!! LOL I had a glass of nice red wine last night... And yes there it was... A CRAVING!! Its much harder to stop when you have someone in the house that smoke! I going to ask Pikkie to go smoke outside!

Today is my day 5! Yeehaa! Its going ok. I keep myself motivated by reading all the nice posts!

Be strong!

Love ya lots



HI Done, its just a matter of breaking the glue that binds smoking to an activity or situation .the easiest and quickest thing is to gradually expose yourself to each activity/situation without smoking.Some situations are best avoided for a while until your further into your quit and stronger.

Mash x


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