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New Here

Hello everyone,not used this forum before but after reading so many posts i thought i would give it a go.I am now on day six of giving up on the dirty habbit,some days have been ok,but others like today are a little hard and i hope it gets easier,(well i keep telling myself it will) I have stopped with the help of NRT patches 24hr 21mg but i have to take them off for bed or i get no sleep at all,i'm also using an empty inhalater just for something to do with my hands.After smoking for 30 or more years i think its the habbit of when to light up (or should i say not to light up)that i am finding the hardest.I will update more as time goes on because i'm not going to let this beat me.

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Hi Freddie and welcome to the forum :)

well done you on getting to day 5

and yes after 30 years the amount of habits that you hadnt even realised you had are going to raise there heads i used a empty tube when i first stopped especially when i was on the phone as i didnt know what to do with my hands then i progressed to a pen to doodle and after a while i stopped doing even that

coming on here helped me as well so read alot of the posts and each time you get a craving coming on just remember your reasons and keep your hands and mind busy it will pass

again welcome to this awesome forum where everybody knows exactly what your going through and will give you as much support as you need :)

regards Carol


oh forgot to add join the november quit team you will then be with fellow people who gave up at the same time :)


Thanks for your support Carol.


your very welcome :) others wilbe along to share there support as well :)


Hiya and welcome to the forums.

This website has been heaven sent for me. You will find that there is always someone on here who has been through whatever you are going through at any given time, and the best thing is they are will to share how they coped.

Never be afraid to post no matter how silly or whingy you might think what you want to say could be. We hyave all been whingy and all thought what we were asking was silly and guess what? It isnt.

Be strong and draw on the knowledge here.

Lillie xx


Keep going Freddie old habits die hard and they just pop up everynow and then its time now todo those things without smoking, the more of em you do the quicker they die off and soon you will hardly think about what goes good with a smoke.

Mash x


Keep going Freddie! I'm on day 4 so you're already one day longer than me! It's not easy but it's so important to give up.

Be strong!

Roboots x


Welcome to the Support Forum!


Hi Freddie welcome to the forum and well done on getting to day 5. I am also on day 5 today. And remenber to stay strong i know how that sounds this is my 8th attempt. But just keep trying i do. Anyway as Carol says join us in the NOT ONE PUFF EVER group. See you there. Jacqui. Live long and prosper.


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