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Self-reflexology for stopping smoking

Has anyone tried the Self-Reflexology for stopping smoking treatment routine that's on You Tube? (on annawalshwellbeing channel)

Some people have posted comments on there to say it's been good for them, so it's definitely worth a try.

There are routines for weight loss and stress relief too that might be useful to deal with the side-effects of quitting (There's also an iPhone app with more stuff, but all the treatment videos can be seen on YouTube for free)

Would be good to see if it really helps more people to stop smoking, especially those who have been really struggling so far!

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i have used the self reflexology on afew probs which have helped there is also a which uses different ways to help with alot of probs obviously its like anything it doesnt work for all but you can watch free videos on the tapping site or through you tube the guy Magnus has a page on facebook as well

so if your willing to give anything a try and have an open mind then what have you got to loss :D

also both keeps your mind and hands busy :)

yeah the clocks right ive had a stressful weekend and just couldnt sleep tonight got alot going on im tempted to try reflexology to help me to wind down but got to much to do atm so might do that later


Thanks, tapping looks really interesting. It's quite focused on release of mental energy, isn't it. It definitely looks worth a try and could be done alongside the Well Being reflexology, since that mainly focuses on helping the physical side of giving up smoking. Also the Well Being videos are just 5 minutes, so easy to fit in when pushed for time, which is always!

Yes definitely need to destress somehow!


well hope whatever you go with works for you both are on youtube for free :)

i actually forgot i dont need to come onto the computer but just open the app for youtube on my phone made all the difference as i could watch the videos in bed :D im still getting used to this technology :o

the only thing i dont like doing on the phone is typing messages or emails trying to do that one fingered gives my poor finger so come onto the computer when i need anything typing out


I know, it takes me ages to type on my iPhone! That is one thing I miss about my old Blackberry, but otherwise the iPhone rules- it's definitely best for internet browsing and so many good Apps.

So the self-reflexology app looks worth getting actually, for the extra DIY bit for all the reflexes. It would be cool to make up other routines for myself and maybe for friends- could do reflexology on their hands too.


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