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No Smoking Day
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Day 13

Hello All,

Day 13 - about to begin day 14 - then will be into the third week.

So - last Friday was a test when heading out for a few ales - pleased to say that I went through the night fine. I kinda built this up alot but it passed without incident.

However - today I am craving. The "just one" thought is really prevailiant and its kinda scary. I don't want to smoke and I will not smoke but this is harder than what I thought it would be at this stage. Its no-where near as bad as the first few days but there is this on-going battle in my mind!

I'm pretty tired too - so maybe this is contribuing too - early night tonight.

Sorry for the downbeat post! :-(

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Stick with ti Chris - I'm on day 25 and still get them.

Will not give in though, I come on here and read posts from people who are ahead and at the start - all make me feel better and renew my resolve



Chin up Chris, you are dong fantistic and well done on getting to day 14. I am day 8 today and the cravings come and go but we are winning!! Your allowed to be downbeat we all have those days. :D


Thats the addict in us. Just one, Im sure one wont hurt. Think about an alcoholic and how they say one is never enough and thats us but with nicotine.

It does get better, Im in week 5 and Im starting to realise that what Im feeling isnt a full on craving, its a want, it isnt even a need.

So as I say to myself I choose not to smoke.

Keep going you are doing brilliantly.

Lillie xx



your in double figures you managed to get through the dreaded weekend so you are doing brill :)

just remember that annoying child i mentioned before stick your fingers in your ears and LA LA LA LA LA LA LA if it gets really bad

if not come on here and read or post or both

but keep busy play a game on your phone

just keep your hands and mind busy till that annoying child starts sulking again you can do this :D



Hi Chris your doing really well so stick with it we can do this we can get past them demons. Just keep thinking how your health is. Jacqui



What you are feeling is fairly normal. Just remember that the feeling WILL pass and those type of longings do become fewer and less intense as time passes.

Not sure when or if they totally disappear, I'm still waiting, but believe me they do recede to become an irritation that you have to swat away...:)

Also, someone else on here made a statement, something like :- It's relatively easy to say no to the "just one" thought..... it's the 2nd, 3rd, 4th..10th, 20th etc that we find it hard to say NO to... :D

You are doing well ...done let that monster get to you !!!!!!


I hope you are feeling better today Chris. :D



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