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8 Weeks

Well it appears that today is 8 Weeks for me :eek:

On one hand I'm starting to think that I may actually really not ever smoke again. However, I also feel that smoking is still so close that it might creep up on me and go "surprise I'm back". It would just be so easy to have one. I have missed them, my old smelly poisonous friends who accompanied me everywhere. I haven't missed them controlling me though, I haven't missed my house and car smelling like an ashtray. I haven't missed the wheezing at night or the expense or the looks of disgust from other people.......

I have paid attention to my quit buddies who have tested the curiousty theory and reported back that our old friends do not taste as good as we remember. Why then do I still wonder..............?? I have found myself wondering (like many of the penthouse quitters have said) what awful situation would it take to enable me to say "sod this I'm having a fag"

In the words of Jules from Pulp Fiction....."I'm in a transitional period right now"

I'm really not sure where I am with this quit, have I beat it, or am I just treading water until I give in and have one?? I really need to decide where I'm going and take back some control again. I really don't feel the need for one, but that damn curiosity just won't go away.........!


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Hiya Pip you're doing fandabbydoozy!

Some people are curious about guns (not me but looks like those americans are LOL!) but would they put a bullet in one and pull the trigger. You don't need smoking and smoking doesn't need you.

You're doing great, what's there to be curious about? You KNOW what will happen;

it'll make you cough, taste goddamn awful, probably make you dizzy and feel sick, make you feel shit cos you've given in and had one and absolutely fill no gap in your life whatsoever apart from trying to get you to have another fag even stonger than before. So nowt to be curious about really.

Well done on 8 weeks, keep that curiosity in know what it did to that poor cat.

love Lisa x


Isn't that also the line in Pulp fiction where he says " I've already been through too much sh't this morning to hand over this case"...

As in, you would say you already been through too much sh*t this last 8 weeks to let your guard down! Keep it up!!


Totally agree with all you say Pip, I'm a day behind you and sometimes I think I will never smoke again and then other times .............

Have to say though I really don't feel any different to what I did 8 weeks ago before the quit, the only real difference I have is when I get on the scales. Really going to start and focus on the weight side of things now and up the exercise. The only thing stopping me from smoking at the moment is when I count the money I have saved which I keep putting in a jar - £160 at the moment:D


Hey Pip.

I'm on 8 weeks today too. 8 weeks is the longest I lasted in April before stupidly giving in, so it's even more of a milestone for me this time.

I don't think you ever 'beat it'. It's work in progress. You have to stick at it.

My old man smoked only in his National Service days but, even in his 60's and 70's, he said there were times when he could have still picked up a cigarette.

Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but so long as you're in that mindset where you really don't want to go back to damaging yourself, and spending loads of money on making yourself stink, then you'll be reet!!

Good luck!! And WELL DONE :D


Well done Pip, great milestone for you!!! Its not easy and you should be proud of yourself :)


yayyyyyyyyyyyyy pip , well done :D

Great achievement , time to wear the party hat


8 weeks!?!! "thud"

Very VERY well done!

I can only gaze at those giddy heights longingly at the moment - still a way to go for me.

All those of you ahead of me are an inspiration.


Well done pip, 8 weeks is fantastic. You know why you wanted to stop smoking you just need to revisit those reasons from time to time to keep your head in the right place.

Youre not going to smoke again, you know its the right thing to do.

Well done

Lillie xxx


Hi Pip

Well done on reaching 8 weeks.

My boyfriend says if you have to pay for friendship (fags), they are not worth bothering with :p

Your signature says you want to remain in charge so by choosing not to smoke you are also achieving that goal.

Stay strong.



Hi Pip

8 weeks is something to be very proud of :)

but you are going to have lots and lots of moments in the future where that nicorette demon will try and tempt you back :eek:

some times the temptation is going to be so hard to resist that you are going to have to draw on your strenghts and that is by thinking about your reasons for quitting you could also write a list of the pros and cons of smoking which you can refer back to also think of all that lovely money you are saving and depriving the government from taking

but each time you say no and put that demon in its place it will make you stronger each day say to yourself i choose not to smoke today and let that become your mantra saying that will help you to change your mindset

also when you get one of those nasty cravings come on here and read some posts

but if you do give into that demons demands whatever you do dont let it get back in control just look at it as a blip and carry on

it can be done and you can do it :)


Really well done Pip (and JQ - a double party!) :D

If you think about the process of bringing this stupid habit to an end, you have honestly done all of the hardest bits. From here, it is simply a case of remaining vigillant and sticking to the Not One Puff principles.

You can do it. You have done it. Be very, very proud of yourself.


Hey well done Pip

But don't they say 'curiosity killed the cat'......... I am not curious about what a fag would taste like... I think I know one would lead to more so it's not worth the risk.

You're doing really really well, 8 weeks.. WOW.

Please keep on with the quit, don't be tempted to taste one.... you're an inspiration to me... I'm on day 30 and not in a good place today :( but when I come onto the forum and read everyone's comments I realise that it'll get easier (fingers, toes, legs crossed)

Well done again, you should be very proud

Jo jo


Hiya Pip,

I have paid attention to my quit buddies who have tested the curiousty theory and reported back that our old friends do not taste as good as we remember. Why then do I still wonder..............??

I would just chuck the 'curiousity theory' out of the window if I were you. Cos what follows after that is the next life devastating event and then the soddit. And then the smokes. And THEN the 'boo hoo I've blown it feelings'. Not nice. I am getting back on track after my 'blip', (stupid word I f*cking smoked for goodness sake) and I'm doing it CT too, but I am still grieving for my original quit. Starting quit again doesn't feel the same somehow.

So get curious about sausages or something instead. Much better. And congrats on the 8 weeks cos that is brill :D


Zoe xxxx


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