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No Smoking Day
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Help Zoemac!!!!

Zoemac wants to start smoking again...please everyone post some supportive messages on this thread so she knows we all care. She is going through hard times at the mo but she has supported me since I joined here and without that support and others from this forum I would've started smoking.

You're a kind, supportive, strong, funny person Zoemac. Please just stop a second, take a deep breath, read through these posts and get through this craving!!! You don't need the smokes and they won't make you feel better. XXXXXX

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I completely agree with all the above.

I fear she may have already gone out to get some after a post in day 1.

I really hope you've managed to work through this, it's so bl**dy hard this quitting business. I have to work really hard every day at the moment to get through.

We are all here for you Zoe, just keep talking to us - we'll help you if you let us.




Zoe I'm gonna speak from the heart......

I know you got shit going on and things are bad but smoking is only going to make things worse. You will NOT feel better by smoking, it will make you feel worse, you know this but you are self destructing due to all the other stress going on. I know you are thinking what's the bloody point but there is a point. Quitting hasn't helped you keep your home, feed you or keep you warm, but it is something that you do have control of in your life, keep it that way. I know you're going through hell and nothing we can say will make it better, it's all just words to you at the moment. All I can say is that you have support here, if only in words...big hugs hunny (((((((( ))))))))



Aww Lisa,

Your so sweet but it isn't a craving, I could have dealt with that cos its easy lol. Just too many blows from life, I taken my fill now cant do anymore. Nobody here for me. COULD explain but cant be arsed its too boring, luv to all you guys tho, take care of lillie. no hope for me so down and gone.c ya around, tc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Awwww, I'm really sorry Zoe.

Only you know what is right for you.

Hope to see you back here sometime soon when you're in the right place.



OK Zoe but this thread would have had loads of people asking you to re-think. You know that. Please don't give up on giving up and I hope there's light at the end of the tunnel and you fall on easier times. If you can, please re-think smoking...it really won't make things easier. Love you Lisa.x


cant do no more sorry, nowt left but to die. sorry cant do it too cold


Hey Zoe...if you can, see some friends or call them on the phone. I'd try to go round their house (you can get warm there too). Failing that go to the pub, you can get warm and seeing other people will help. Hope things get better for you.

Lisa x


Zoe, I've spoken to you in SSS but for public record this does not appear to be about smoking, more about life dumping on you. I don't know if there is anything practical we can do for you but if there is then you must let us know.

After all the support that you have given to us I'm confident that everyone here would gladly go out on a limb for you.

Tell us what you need???????????????????:):)

If you are cold and tired go to bed. The world may just look better tomorrow.;)


Hey Zoe - you've been so upbeat and so supportive ever since I joined this site, please don't disappear on us. Smoking will not help you on the money front.



that's good advice from grumpie


Hiya Karri,

I don't think Zoe's post was unecessary...she's obviously upset and distressed. Sometimes we type/write/say stuff that are blinded by emotion. And yes a load of people have/are/will be going through tough times, Zoe's just vocalised hers. Seems a bit harsh to erm kinda ear bash her about it when she's already down (no offence mean't, just my opinion). Anyway I was just trying to help...I'm sure she'll sort it out some way or another. Maybe should forget about this thread now. X


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