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No Smoking Day
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Nearly blew quit outta da water

Weell, I did bleugh.

Decided to open some post I have been avoiding, for good reasons as it turns out. Hadn't though my life problems could get anyworse, but today they did. Kind of wondering how much more can people bleed me dry, lol, am I allowed to eat occasionally?? Apparently not. Kind of went on one of those things 'a cig would make me feel better':rolleyes: as if it would??:eek:

I nearly, and truthfully, went and bought ciggies cos I thought, 'what the hell'. But all the way to the supermarkets, I was automatically thinking, don't wanna lose my quit, my quit date is special to me cos 23rd Dec will be 3 months. And day before Christmas Eve too.

BUT, I did nearly chuck it all in today, seriously, but if I had done that, it would NOT have been because of a craving, it would have been because I wanted to sticki the finger at the world. But the fact that I have come this far without smoking, is awesome to me. I wanted a cig, could have got them, but I didn't want them lol:)


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It's funny isn't it, we can now almost pick and choose if we want to smoke!

I had a day like that yesterday, I could have been a rebel and had a fag but heeheee I didn't ruddy well want one. It's a mighty strange phase of the quit isn't it :confused:

The main thing is it would have been so easy to blow your quit but you didn't, you are so in control thesedays that you would have to try really hard now to have a smoke, and it's just not worth the effort ;)



But ****, of course now I have changed my mind:rolleyes: Too tired, too stressed, lol tomorrow I will try this quit goodbye. And, by tomorrow, hopefully Carol62, or whatever her name was, (no more smelly nanny) as I recall:rolleyes:

will have stopped banging on about the money we gain when quit??

Look forward to the day I can get food, proper food meaning green veg?? Would so love that, neva mind da fags.


But I want to blow my quit to be a bar steward. LOL:mad:


Zoe !!!!!

Don't let the b******s get you down, you will get through ALL of this!



ZOE -DON'T DO THAT. If you want good food spend the moeny you want to spend on cigs on good food. If it's there for cigs it's there for food.


No. Can't. No more winters freezing my butt off, can't do it. Jump in Bloody taff be better. dunno why i didn't smoke today cos coulda. :mad:


Hey Zoe!

Don't start smoking again...I know you're feeling shite at the moment. Smoking will not make you feel better in any way. You'll be more out of pocket and feel even worse for having smoked. Are you getting all the help you're entitled to from the government????



Zoe, Zoe. DON'T. You can't. MUSN'T!

That was yesterday. How are you feeling today??

Green veg......have you thought about an allotment?? My sister and me had one for a while.

The annual rent was £30. Your council may say there's a waiting list, as ours did, but we got one about a month after applying.

They require quite a lot of work, but it gets you fit, provides food and is sociable.

We no longer have ours because we couldn't put the time in. I regret giving it up.

Anyway hope you're feeling better



Hi Zoe

Yesterday sounds like it was truly a day from hell. We're all going to get them, whether we smoke or not, and the only thing that's certain is that having a cigarette isn't going to make the problem better. It will only make it worse. A lot worse. I know you know all this - but just wanted to say today's another day, and there is always support here if things still look as grim as yesterday - just do what you need to do to get through this WITHOUT SMOKING!




Zoe - have sent you a private message....


zoe sorry to hear you going through a difficult time.

I hope you can get your problems sorted. (((big hug )))


Hope you're ok Zoe.

I know exactly what you mean about not craving but just thinking "what the hell" when **** happens. In my opinion these thoughts are even more difficult than the early craves.

If you feel like that try looking at it another way - why should you give up everything you have achieved so far because of THEM!!!!!

You know in your heart you don't want to smoke again. Why did you stop in the first place?

take care hun


Hey Zoe,

I know this was a couple days ago but i was jsut reading and my heart was breaking for you! Smokes wont solve anything though....the only thing they will will do is piss you off more...cuz you wil have spent money on them, realised how shite they taste and be angry cuz you messed up your quit.

Take care, and we are here to lean on



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