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Still Here!!

Hi guys, sorry I been so quiet.

Had a rather hectic couple of weeks but proud to anounce I am still "Quit"

My name is Gary Baker, and I am a nicotine addict.

I have stopped nicotine for 1 month, 23 days, 23 hours, 22 minutes and 39 seconds (54 days).

I've not smoked 3298 death sticks, and saved R 2*967.05.

I've saved 11 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes of my life.

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Heey Gary:D

So glad to see you on here again LOL and look at you!! Nearly into Month 3 already lol well done, well done, well done, well done:cool:

Soz to sound OTT but today has been SH 1TE, LOL oh for a car with that reg:D

Nearly crashed it, but would it be worth it?? NAH AND THEN AGAIN NAH!!

So proud of you mate, and you really are the tonic I need right now, so glad you posted today, cos even though I have been feeling strong, I have been in the pits today, not with craving, but generally wanting to give the finger to the world?? Oops, not sure I sposed to say that on here, but give us a break mods;) Anyways, I still standing!!

Kudos to you Gary,


Zoe xxxx


Well done Gary :D


Gary - good on you, never doubted for a minute.......



Hey glad to see you're back buddy!!

We did notice your abscence ;)

Glad to see all going well for you :D



Hi Gary.

Nice to know you're still with us


Keep at it!



Hey Gary,

Nice to see you back on here. Just a couple more days till 3 months for ya!!!

See you in Month 3 room!



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