No Smoking Day
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no more dirty ashtrays for me

I give up smoking every single day of my life but never get past day 2, or 3 at a push.

Time to get a grip on this and get healthy again.

After 25 years of heavy roll up smoking my lungs hurt with every ciggy and yet I still carry on.

So tomorrow is day 1. Gonna try cold turkey but have an inhalator and cartrigdes on the ready for back up.

Just put my last one out, cleaned the ashtray and put it in the cupboard.

Tomorrow morning I will go for a gentle jog for a bit of damage assesment which with any luck will scare some sense into me.

Good luck to all you nicotine quitters out there:)

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I've walked a mile in your shoes my friend. In fact I've walked the same mile countless times. Started smoking when I was 15 in order to look older in pubs. Stopped everytime a big bill or something I wanted to buy happened. Lasted anywhere between 1 and 12 hours. Just finished a year and never ever letting nicotine inside me again.

It's all about nicotine. It's not about smoking.

Do a "hard" month nicotine free and the rest is easy. You just have to remember after a month that it's easy because you aren't taking any nicotine.


I like the approach Lori ... well other than putting that ashtray in the cupboard! You won't be needing that any more so why not something a little more terminal for it?

Good luck! It is doable and in the great old words of....well most quitters...If I can do it anybody can.

...ok no need to lob that ashtray at me!

Seriously though it it doable and can be relatively pain free. I was a smoker that would panic if I didn't have access to cigarettes and would complete a 50 30 mile round trip to find a 24 hour garage where I could buy midnight!

I can do it, you can do it and I guess the most important thought/driver should be you WILL DO IT!

Enjoy that run!


Thanks for the encouraging replies Wynnie, Stav, Phil and Dragonjohn, and congratulations to you all for conquering the nicotine beast!:)

I must admit I was feeling in a panic just at the thought of quitting when i cleared away the ashtray and posted on this forum. Sort of like by telling people I'm going to do it is making the decision more final:eek: I know that running out of smokes panic only too well Stav_98!

Off for a jog now:)


Well done for making the decision to be a non-smoker, Lori - that's the hardest part.

This forum is great! Come on here and share your good or bad's a real help.

I agree with Stav_98! Get rid of all smoking related items...I tried to give up quite a few times before and this is the first time I binned everything...I'm now on day 22 - the longest I've been quit :) I also have my reasons for quitting around the house as a reminder, and every morning I say, 'I will not smoke today' Yes some days are easier than others, but try to stay strong - the difficult phases will pass!

Sending you positive thoughts for your quit! Keep not smoking! :)


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