Done 10 Days!!!

So pleased that 10 days are under the belt!!!!

Onto Day 11 and a huge trigger looming tonight with late night beers -but I am in the right frame of mind to avoid any issues and have a plan to keep off the fags!

I am NOT going through the last 10 days again!!!

Today has been manic at work so haven't had time to think of fags - I think that helps the process too - I am so looking forward to a smoke free Xmas - but thats a long way off yet!!


3 Replies

  • Hey Chris - really well done.

    Personally I think you gotta face those triggers if you can. Can't lock yourself away forever!

    Just don't legless or you may end up lungless:)


  • How did your plan go for your night out? I'm sure you were fine! :)

  • Well done Chris :D

    Not long now and you'll have 2 weeks under your belt !!


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