A weighty issue!

This is probably going to be more of a rant so I apologise in advance but I really really need to vent about this one.............:o

This morning I have reached the "half stone" in weight gain mark. I am particularly P*****d off as my research indicated that smoking burns around 200 calories a day. I have cut a lot more than 200 calories a day from my daily food intake so why am I still putting on weight :mad:

To make it worse, this extra half stone seems to have ALL been deposited around my waist and now my clothes do not fit......I WILL NOT GO UP A SIZE......before anyone suggests buying bigger clothes :mad: My weight was hard enough to control before I quit, I am no stick insect!

I can only presume that my metabolism has completly given up the ghost and no longer wants to burn off anything I eat! I will now have to try excercising which knowing me won't last very long anyway.

Well, anyway as you can see I am thoroughly fed up today. I wish I wanted to smoke because if I did I bloody well would today !! (Does that make sense ??) Hope everyone else is having a better and less grumpy day than me :)


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  • Chin up - fact is if you did smoke the weight would still be there!!

    I'm getting my bike out tomorrow


  • You have my sympathy on this one, Pip! I put on an extra stone quite quickly into my quit, and it's still there. :mad:

    A lot is probably my fault, because unlike you, I didn't do any research, allowed myself a two month feeding frenzy, and I never exercise. Like you, I refuse to buy "fat clothes", so permanently have a red ring round my middle where my clothes cut in....

    So in my case, entirely deserved, in your case, it just isn't fair!

  • Ive started the slimming world plan today. Will let you know next week if I lost anything.

    Lillie xx

  • Aw thanks MrsT :)

    I was getting a bit fed up with people telling me it doesn't matter when it really does to me, so thank you for your kind words. You understand the red rings and bruises from the button on the trousers :eek:

    It's not just vanity, (a few patronising people have made that point), I have osteo arthritis so I really need to not put weight on, my hips and knees are killing me from the extra weight already and any damage I do now is irreversible. I have to be sensible. I just can't afford to say, oh sod it I'll diet later on :mad:

    Have been really good the last few days now so onwards and upwards, hopefully I'll win that battle aswell!!

    Good luck with the slimming too Lillie, hope you get on okay :)


  • Hell no...it isn't vanity....I have no problems that putting on weight will make worse. But I have been this weight for years......it's all a bit weird when you start blowing up like that Harry Potter's Aunt or the Michelin Man just cos you give up cigarettes.

    Zumba here I come

  • Lisa I tell you what is wierd.......my waist is smaller today than yesterday???

    There's some strange fluid retention thing going on aswell I'm sure!!

    A male colleague suggested I go to burlesque dacing with his GF :eek: think I'll do Zumba instead, you get to keep your clothes on :eek: my muffin's not a pretty sight at the moment.........


  • Ooooooohhhhhh eeeeeerrrrrrr............

    Muffin top I meant.......Muffin top........oh my !!!!

  • That's weird about your waist, must be water retention, can't think of anything else it could be. Hmmm burlesque dancing with his GF eh?? I'd watch him, must be a fantasy of his hahaha.

    It's been upsetting to me when I've quit before and put on weight (the same is happening again)...honestly you get so comfortable over the years being a certain size and YES it's upsetting when that changes for the worse as you're already going through the emotions of quitting fags. Vanity indeed tsk. This time around, I'm gonna do something about it before it upsets me too much and compromises my quit (i.e. I start smoking cos I'm a fatty). It's pretty damn hard though but we can do it Pip. XXX

    Hahahaha just saw the muffin reference....not just his fantasy then?????? LOL gotta love Freud.

  • Haha, yeah.....he's a bit wierd TBH.!

    Defo givin that fantasy a miss :D


  • Hi Pip, I can sympathise about the weight issue. Smoking uses 200 calories but it also increases metabolism. However, I think (and sincerely hope this is the case!!!) that metabolism adjusts in time. I know when I last quit I put on a couple of pounds or so and when I first started smoking again I lost it very quickly and went quite skinny BUT in time after becoming a regular smoker again I returned to my quit weight. Hope that makes sense.

    Fluid retention can cause rapid weight gain so if you've been quite careful that could be a cause. You'll know if it is cause you'll feel uncomfortable and irritable. Also constipation can be a cause of fluid retention...

    On a happy note one of my colleagues stopped smoking a few months ago and then did slimming world and lost loads of weight so yes you can be a slim ex smoker :p

  • On the up side of putting on weight my boobs are getting bigger as well hahahaha

    Shame everything else hips, bum waist etc also has to follow

    P.S. Congrats on your bike ride Phil....I'm just gearing myself up to getting fedup with my weight gain and doing something about it. X

  • I agree shame you can't choose where to distribute the weight!!!:D

  • That's what my wife has done - quit and then lost loads of weight as well.

    I'm early days yet but I will start to try on the weight front - it's just about exercise. Simple maths - how many calories in - how many out??

    There a great quote on here somewhere - "move more - eat less"


  • ....it's just those bloody salt & vinegar crisps...aaarrrrggghhh

  • I've eaten crap loads today:

    cerals for brekkie

    Bangers and mash, broccoli and peas for dinner

    Half a bag of m and m's

    one scotch egg

    3 mini vegetable samosa's

    2 slices of chocolate cake

    1 and a half sandwiches of cheese and pickled onions

    1 banana

    2 chocolate breakaways (don't take away my breakaway!)

    what a bloody pig! Must seriously address this LOL! Look I know not much fruit and fresh veg but it was a bit of a bad day today so I pigged out. Will sort it out tomorrow :(

  • Lisa - tomorrow it's brown rice and dust and. if you're good, maybe a bowl of gruel:)

  • I already know what I'm gonna say at 11.00am tomorrow. Please sir can I have some more :o

  • Over the last month i've been called the cookie monster....due to the delicious biscuits I have been nomming!!!!:D I am fighting the sugary nice demon and the choccy malted milk demon...aswell as dr nic...all i can say is go to your nearest hospital or nearest nursey type personage man flu will follow...if you are female...the not so serious flu will follow:o)...appetite will diminish...and weightage will not be an issue!!!!:D:D

  • Big dose of sympathy to anyone giving up smoking and putting on weight. 8 years ago I gave up for 11 months and put on 4 and a half stone despite dieting to bare minimum to keep me functioning.

    I am now 6 days in not smoking again and already my waistband it showing signs of shrinking - could not be me putting on weight so soon surely!!!!

    This was one of the reasons it has taken me so long to pluck up the courage again to quit!!!

  • So what if you are healthy

    Hi Pip

    I am nearly two years off the fags and I have slowly put on one and a half stone but I will tell you this, I have never been or felt so healthy and I know image is important to most people but please think about the benifits that you will now be experiencing by stoping the fags .

    Wishing all the best


  • I am really struggling with this at the moment. Just passed the 60 day mark and have already put on 10lb :mad: Really need to do something now before I slide any further down the slope. Making a note of everything that I eat and drink now and making a point of at least 30 minutes wii fit each morning and will see if it helps.

    My uniform for work is so tight but really don't want to move up a size as that will be admitting defeat - my waistband is so tight it's a wonder my legs don't walk off without the rest of me :D

  • Hi Claire

    I'm STILL gaining despite starting to excercise and still cutting down. My jeans are actually cutting me in two today.......showed hubby the extent of my flab this morning and he said "Go and change, those jeans are far too tight for you"

    I replied "Well they're all the same f***ing size so they are all too tight for me!!" :eek:

    It's okay for him with his bloody elasticated jogging bottoms :mad:

  • I am only on day 7 and already have put on 4 pounds, funny how it all goes on your tummy though, i could do with a bit to hold up my sagging bum, and even my stick insect legs could do with a bit more meat on them - but oh no, straight on the belly :O)

  • I feel I have the quit under control and am gutted about the weight. The funny thing is it's the only thing that is different since I stopped. Cleared 60 days and can't say I feel any better ... just fatter :mad:

  • I am only on day 7 and already have put on 4 pounds, funny how it all goes on your tummy though, i could do with a bit to hold up my sagging bum, and even my stick insect legs could do with a bit more meat on them - but oh no, straight on the belly :O)

    Oh how true PHO ! I'll be honest with you.....my ankles could take it, my boobs could take it....just not my flabby belly :o

  • My boobs are taking it..

    trouble is, I'm a bloke:eek:

  • My boobs are taking it..

    trouble is, I'm a bloke:eek:

    *snigger* there is just no hope for you then me thinks, hey look on the bright side though - hang on I am thinking of one for you :O)

  • Oh how true PHO ! I'll be honest with you.....my ankles could take it, my boobs could take it....just not my flabby belly :o

    There has to be a magic answer to this weight gain, I was told by a doctor that the nicotine helped burn the calories, so theoretically if you had two sandwiches for your dinner before stopping you now can only have one just to stand still. Now this seems all very unfair to me, no cigs and starvation?? surely life is not THAT cruel:O)

  • I have bad news:eek:

    My other half stopped 18 mths ago, she has also lost about 20 lbs from her pre quit weight.

    How? Well after about 2 months she went on a diet that, as far as I could tell, consisted mostly of eating dust:eek:

    She then started going to gym four times a week. She still goes to gym, and really enjoys it. Good news is her diet regime is almost non existent now.

    I guess it's all about calories in and calories out. As someone said " move more, eat less"<:)

  • Problem with gym is I have terminal tiredness and major depression from quitting! I can barely get through my normal day as it is! I managed half hour on excercise bike yesterday. Was swimming twice a week to begin with but have lost motivation for most things since quitting. I'm just in a major grump with everything this week I think :(

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