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Month 2

I went to my COPD clinic today, its the first time Ive been since my diagnosis at the hospital and since I have stopped smoking.

They were pleased I had stopped, no suprise there lol! But my FEV1(forced exhalation volume I think) had improved by 2.6 litres. Now this doesnt mean I am going to continue improving, they normally tell you that stopping smoking arrests the development of the disease and Im happy with that.

My lungs are older than they should be for my age ( wasnt shocked at that either, 37 years of smoking will do that) but they are pleased Ive stopped drinking, Im on de caff and am trying to eat well. So all in all Im pleased with how it went.

My one concern for this month is that I had quite an easy ride in month one, I came off patches and worked with the lozenges on their own, even cut them down to 7/8 a day. I feel that I might be having my payback now as since week 4 I have really struggled.

I know Im going to come through this and I know I wont smoke again, although the temptation is strong. My mother leaves full ciggies lying around all the time! The smell is getting to me now too. I cant stand it, it makes me choke and feel sick. I hate everything about smoking and I wont ever do it again. Im really looking forward to the next few weeks as Im sure it will just get better and better.

Good luck to one and all.

Lillie xxx

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Wow lillie, that's tough with your mom leaving ciggies around for you to see...I'd have to do a bit of mother bashing!

But it's ace that your lung function has improved since you have quit smoking and even though you think not, I still think they'll improve more. It takes a year or more for your lungs to recover from smoking. My dad was diagnosed with COPD and recovered a lot of lung function when he stopped smoking (he was a very long term smoker).

I know you're finding it hard at the moment but just keep struggling with the quit. We know it gets easier as other people on this forum tell us this is so. You can't give in now and let that b******d nicodemon siree. We'll do it together.

Lisa x


Lillie – keep strong – you have done so well. I was OK weeks 1 & 2 but really struggled week 3. It is so up and down, but in a random way.

I honestly think most of this is in our heads. We all just need support. I honestly think the best help I’ve had is on this forum – so keep posting.

...we will all get there



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